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31 Mar Which Sex Toys to Choose for Masturbating?
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May is here and it's time to get your groove on! Wondering which sex toy to use to take your masturbation game to the next level? Look no further, we've got you covered! From penises to clits, and anything in between, we've got something for everyone..
24 Mar How to Use a Strap On
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A strap on is a sex toy ideal for couples eager to experience something new regardless of their preferred gender roles! The strap on allows partners to provide penetration during intercourse, regardless of anatomy. People with a penis can use one and..
20 Mar Cock Ring: What is it and How to Use it
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The cock ring, also known as the penis ring, is an increasingly popular sex toy for solo or duo use. Sexvibrators' cock ring is designed to be placed at the base of the penis, in order to restrict blood flow and increase erection. In this article, we..
13 Mar Vibrators, the Most Used Sex Toy!
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In adult sex toys, the vibrator is among the most used. But do you know what a vibrator is? They are used for a variety of reasons, including increasing sexual pleasure, reaching orgasm more easily, and providing a form of sexual stimulation. Sexvibr..
05 Mar Prostate Massage: The G-spot of a Different Kind
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Why a Prostate Massage?For many people, the experience of a gentle prostate massage is highly stimulating and pleasurable. This is because the prostate, often referred to as the secret G-spot, is full of nerve endings that can create amazing sensatio..
28 Feb 5 Sex Toys to Stimulate the Prostate: Your 2023 Buying Guide
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It’s the beginning of the year, and the perfect time to take the opportunity to discover our hidden erogenous zones. If you’re looking for the perfect sex gift to help you do just that, why not consider a prostate sex toy? With so many options availa..
17 Feb Best Vibrators: Top 5 for Female Pleasure!
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Best Vibrators: Top 5 for Female Pleasure!Looking for the Best Vibrator for solo pleasure? If you're a fan of orgasmic penetrations, you'll be spoiled for choice with this selection of five SexVibrators' vibrating sex toys – designed specifically to ..
10 Feb Top 6 Best Sex Toys for Women
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Looking for something special to surprise your partner in your bedroom? Then you've come to the right place. In this article, SexVibrators present the 6 best sex toys for women – perfect for solo pleasure, or with your partner, or even as a romantic ..
27 Jan Top Kamasutra positions according to your astro sign
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That good old Kamasutra! Endless source of inspiration, but is it possible that our tastes and desires are actually directed by our astrological sign?When the Kamasutra meets astrology Ah Astrology.. This science – or rather discipline – which consis..
14 Sep Top 10 Indian Sex Position Kamasutra Guide 2022
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Do you have any idea what kinds of sex positions Indian men prefer to take? Which sexual position are you seeing in your head right now? Each sex position offers men and women a unique sensory experience. If you take the time to get to know your part..
12 Aug Clit Sucker 101: What They Are and How to Use Them
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You've arrived at the perfect location if you've been searching for your next clit sucker but have been at a loss as to where to start looking! This article is going to discuss the renowned clitoral sucker, which is a breakthrough sex toy that can du..
04 Aug Remote Control Vibrator  Buying Guide
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Remote control vibrators are one-of-a-kind sexual toys that may cater to all of your wicked wants or seductive play because of its versatility, portability, and exhilarating qualities. There are a lot of well-known pleasure toys, such as bunny vibra..
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