Why a Prostate Massage?
For many people, the experience of a gentle prostate massage is highly stimulating and pleasurable. This is because the prostate, often referred to as the secret G-spot, is full of nerve endings that can create amazing sensations during stimulation. To get the most out of a prostate massage, we recommend using the Sexvibrators prostate massage toy, which has been designed to target the prostate perfectly for those looking to explore anal masturbation. Furthermore, combining a prostate massage with other sexual activities, such as penis masturbation or penetration, can create a truly breathtaking sensation, leading to an even more intense orgasm.
Of course, everyone reacts differently to stimulation and an anal prostate massage is not immediately to everyone's taste. This is completely normal as most people have to get used to anal sensation and stimulation first.
Tip: You will find a good introduction to the subject of anal penetration as well as a step-by-step guide in our article on anal sex for beginners.
There are also different ways to massage the G-spot of people who have a prostate. Anal masturbation can be achieved in several ways. Not only through the anus but also from the outside via the perineum. So you just have to try! And we show you how.

How to Find the Prostate?

The prostate is an accessory sex gland whose job is to produce a secretion that mixes with sperm. Thus, the pH level of the spermatozoa is increased and increases the chance of them surviving during sexual intercourse and promoting fertilization. The prostate in people who produce sperm is also called prostate gland. It is located below the bladder and surrounds part of the urethra.
This gland, about the size of a chestnut, can be easily felt with a finger via the rectum. The G-spot of people with a prostate is about 5-7 cm inside the anus, up the intestinal wall, so in the direction of the abdominal wall. The prostate is easily reached with a slightly curved finger pointing towards the navel with its anterior side.
The anus is easily massaged from the outside with a finger or with the tongue, so that the partner can get used to the feeling. If you use your finger, remember to put a little lubricating gel on the anus before gradually introducing the finger gently.

The Right Preparation for a Prostate Massage

Dedicate yourself first to the perineum – the area between the testicles and the anus: gentle caresses or light pressure excite and relax. During foreplay, the active part can also orally stimulate the outer part of the anus.

Prostate Massage: Instructions for Use

The prostate contains a large number of nerve endings, which makes anal stimulation so intense. You can do good to yourself as well as be stimulated by a partner, that is to say with the fingers or by penetration. But prostate massage works best with an anal sex toy or with a curved finger.
There are two options for massaging the prostate – direct or indirect massage. Indirect massage is performed via the perineum, while direct massage takes place inside the anus using fingers or a sex toy.
Dr. Deep by CUPE is a prostate vibrator for beginners. Thanks to its fine shape, it can be inserted particularly well anally. Its two stimulation arms pamper the prostate simultaneously – directly from the inside and indirectly via the perineum. With its intense vibrations, it will increase your feeling of pleasure and make you sparkle with pleasure.

Indirect Prostate Massage

Indirect prostate massage is performed on the perineum. Seen from the outside, the prostate gland is located directly behind the testicles. In many people, the area below which the prostate is located has no hair.
This area can be lightly pressed, rubbed, stroked or massaged with the fingers. You can also lightly scratch with your fingertips which can lead to intense sensations. You can simultaneously stimulate the penis and the testicles with the other hand. To do an external prostate massage, one can use a few finger vibrators to help give even more intense sensations to the other.

Direct Prostate Massage

Apart from doing an indirect massage of the perineum, the prostate can also be stimulated from inside the anus. The gland is separated by the thin membrane from the wall of the intestines. Fingers or an anal sex toy are the best ways to feel the prostate. The G-spot of people with a prostate can of course also be reached with a penis during penetrative sex.

Toys for Fingers and for Anal

When you have found the point, you can circulate around the gland with light pressure from your fingertips. Alternately applies light pressure directly on the prostate or presses with constant pressure, varying its intensity.
You can also reach the prostate pretty well with a prostate dildo, anal dildo, or butt plug.
If the anus is already well widened in advance, a second finger can also be added to the game. The prostate can then be placed between the index and middle finger and massaged with light pressure.

Milking the Prostate

The prostate can be massaged by the partner directly and indirectly at the same time, while the person receiving the massage is masturbating. This stimulating experience can lead to very intense sensations.
The term milking is often used in connection with prostate massage. This means that semen escapes through stimulation of the prostate even if the person does not reach orgasm. During prostate massage, the pressure in the seminal vesicle and the prostate is reduced, which leads to the effect of ejaculation without orgasm. This massage technique can delay orgasm.

Prostate Massage Aids

For the Preparations

Anal penetration, whether with fingers, a toy or a penis, should never be done without lubricating gel because the anus, unlike the vagina, does not produce moisture itself. That's why anal lubricants are imperative to give enough moisture for a relaxing prostate massage.

Anal Toys for Massaging the Prostate

There are so-called prostate stimulators that massage the prostate from the inside using vibration and a specially curved handle. Most anal toys also have an extra arm that massages the perineum from the outside. Double fun on the program with these sex toys.
Anal Vibrator Butt Plug Remote Control

Anal Vibrator Wiggle Heating Butt Plug Remote Control

Anal Vibrator Wiggle Heating Butt Plug

Hygiene after a Prostate Massage

After orgasm, the toy should be removed gently and carefully (because the anus is now particularly sensitive) and washed well with a little soap and water. For disinfection (especially of anal toys), a special toy cleaner can be used.