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Stimulate Your Sweet Spot With Magic Wand

Though the Magic Wand originated as a body massager meant for comfort of achy muscles and stiff joints, we are quite sure it took no more than three seconds for someone to realize (and feel) the potential for relief of a different way! 

Wand and Massager vibes are recognized for high intensity and no-nonsense, highly consistent stimulation. Whether you are just starting out with your very first sex toy or you are a seasoned expert, a wand massager belongs in every woman's collection. Just use it once and you will be utterly addicted to your rechargeable wand vibrator! Trust us, we are sex toy experts after all! 

Magic Wands have been traditionally electric corded, but more and more rechargeable ones are coming out on the market. Some small wand sex toy models also need batteries. Most personal massager wands are created along the same lines - a soft rounded head lies over a harder grip. Beloved for their clitoral-stimulating enchantment, many women who have difficulties climaxing (or simply really want a quickie) admire the power of a wand massager sex toy. The Magic Wand is still a favorite, although it's a touch lacking in vibration diversity. The new rechargeable version of the Magic includes silicone construction and several unique vibe patterns, but many other wands (ours included) now provide the same and more.

Choosing The Right Magic Wand

Looking to add a wand massage to your enjoyment toolkit? This device offers all the vibration you need to have an orgasm like no other. Its intense vibration gives clitoral stimulation, generating a body-shaking climax that will have you going back for more. Today, there are many various wand vibrator alternatives to pick from. Whether you decide for a rechargeable wand vibrator or a silicone vibrating wand with a flexible neck, we offer a broad range of wands to pick from. When picking your ideal vibrating wand, be sure to examine its vibration pattern choices for extra pleasure. Plus, you can even add a wand attachment for extra external stimulation. If you’re seeking for an adult sex toy that produces intense vibration for exceptional clitoral stimulation, the wand massage is your best pick. Get all the positive vibes you need by browsing our online variety of wand massage now.

Model: SVBS01
Delight yourself with its superb vibrations!Starting from the weakest setting, even you are the highest-sensation seekers, let this 20-frequency 8-speed magic wand become your unfailing friend in masturbation!Protected by SexVibrators's Special Guarantee.Bringing you a wonderful experience thro..
₹4,999 ₹16,999
Ex Tax:₹4,999
Model: SVM03
Magic Wand Vibrator G Spot Massager Powerful India Female Sex Products - Magic Wand Vibrator G Spot Massager Powerful India Female Sex Products - Magic Wand..
₹2,999 ₹12,999
Ex Tax:₹2,999
Model: SVM01
Magic Wand Vibrator Sex Toy For Women India - Magic Wand Vibrator Sex Toy For Women India - Magic Wand..
₹4,699 ₹9,999
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Model: SVM02
Magic Wand Vibrator USB Rechargeable Sex Toy For Women India - Magic Wand Vibrator USB Rechargeable Sex Toy For Women India - Magic Wand..
₹3,999 ₹7,999
Ex Tax:₹3,999
Model: SVM04
Wand massager with various vibrating modes and heating function!Intense Power & Flexible Head For Better ComfortThe electric massager's strong power is concentrated in the head, allowing you to focus on a single point for maximum comfort. Or you can spread the comfort out by rolling the massager..
₹5,999 ₹19,999
Ex Tax:₹5,999
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