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Sex Doll Torso

Model No.: Irontech-948
Sexvibrators is pleased to present... The first EVER Irontech male doll!Introducing ... Rylie, tall, dark and handsome. This muscular beauty of a man is a must-have for anyone seeking a true heartthrob. Rylie doesn't disappoint.Rylie is young at the moment, but as he ages, we'll be able to tell..
Ex Tax:₹177,300
Model No.: WM Doll-816
Sex Doll Torsos are a great alternative to full-size sex dolls. They solve the storage and handling issues that many people worry about with full-size dolls, yet they have all the lifelike and realistic qualities of full-size sex dolls, and they're more affordable! Idais a beautiful s..
Ex Tax:₹153,000
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