Do you have any idea what kinds of sex positions Indian men prefer to take? Which sexual position are you seeing in your head right now? Each sex position offers men and women a unique sensory experience. If you take the time to get to know your partner, you may expect a more satisfying sexual experience.

The Kama Sutra, written by Indian philosopher Vatsyayana, has garnered a lot of attention for acting as a guidebook to what seems like every sex position ever (some waaaay more adventurous than others). The Kama Sutra is more than simply an old book about making out; it is a philosophical treatise on ethics and aesthetics as well.

It's always healthy for a couple to try new things together, especially in the bedroom, even if their relationship is at an all-time high. Trying out various sex positions may also help you learn about yourself and your sexual preferences.

Here are some exciting indian sex position to try in 2022, whether you want to improve your relationship, increase your orgasmic experiences, or just spice things up a little.

You've caught up, so why not try out one of these 10 Kama Sutra indian sex positions?

Flat Doggy

The lady is positioned such that she is lying on her stomach in this posture. Her chin is tucked against her chest. The guy gets behind her and is able to hold himself with both arms as he does so. Because she keeps her legs slightly apart, he finds it more simpler to enter her, and she also feels more stimulation in her G-spot.

Extra tip! She has the ability to subtly elevate her hips, which adds an additional layer of sensation for both her and him.

The lap dance

Because you are able to gaze at one another while in this position, it is considered to be a particularly intimate posture. It would be most convenient for the guy to sit on the side of the bed or on a chair. After that, the lady climbs up into his lap and encircles him with both her arms and her legs. By using her legs to move away from the male, she sets the tempo for the interaction. The male may provide the lady with even more assistance by grabbing her behind and bouncing it up and down. When he is in this posture, he has easy access to stimulating various erogenous zones, including the breasts and the neck.

The lotus

For this position, the man sits cross-legged. The woman then sits in his lap, facing her partner. With her legs around the man, she moves forward and backward. As she has her legs around the man, it’s possible to penetrate deeply. With this position, you can look each other in the eyes, and other erogenous zones can be stimulated simultaneously.


The missionary position is a classic for a reason! You can make a lot of eye contact, and it’s easy to kiss each other. The man lies on top of the woman, with his face to hers, while she lies on her back. To go even deeper, the man can also get down on his knees. The woman then pulls her legs up higher and clasps them around the man’s behind. As his pubic bone presses against her clitoris in this way, the position becomes extra intense!

The jackhammer

This may not be the easiest sex position to do, but it’s a nice one if you want to switch things up! The woman lies on her back, with her ankles on either side of her head. The man is hanging above her and squats up and down, so to speak. As the blood will flow to her head, the position feels a bit more intense.

The wheelbarrow

Does the man have a lot of strength in his arms? Then this is certainly a fun (and intensive) position to try together. The woman rests on both arms, while the man lifts up her legs. He holds the woman’s legs next to his body. This way, he can go in quite deep. If it’s too strenuous for him, he can also sit on a chair or the edge of the bed. The woman can then also lean on the edge of the bed with her knees.

The pretzel

With the pretzel, the woman lies on her side. The man slides over her lower leg while she clamps her other leg around his body. In this way, like a pretzel, you’re intertwined and you can continue to look at each other during penetration. He can penetrate deeply, while her G-spot gets all the attention.


After a number of strenuous positions, it’s time for a position that requires less effort. In this position, both of you lie against each other (spooning). It’s easy to create more depth for the man in this position. Another advantage: her G-spot is also firmly stimulated in this position!

Doggy style

Doggystyle is one of the better sex positions for when you want to go deep. The woman gets on her hands and knees while the man sits behind her. She can bend her back a bit to make it even more intense for him. This raises her hips and gives him an even better angle for penetration. In the doggy style position, he can also stimulate her clitoris and nipples with his hands during penetration.


In this position, he lies on his bottom, while the woman leans on his thighs with her buttocks. She pushes herself off his chest with her hands, only to come down closer again. As her legs fall around the man’s body, he can enter deeply. With his hands, he can support his partner’s body. In this position, the woman decides how deeply to penetrate. It’s a wonderful sight for him, and she can show her dominant side!


Let me know what you think of it. A woman's proactive position ideas may keep things interesting and stave off boredom in the bedroom. It's important to keep the connection as a whole in mind, rather than focusing just on its technical parts.

Your goal is to enhance your sexual performance with him. That emotion is primary and its treatment is optimal.

Let's take it easy and not rush things.