In adult sex toys, the vibrator is among the most used. But do you know what a vibrator is? They are used for a variety of reasons, including increasing sexual pleasure, reaching orgasm more easily, and providing a form of sexual stimulation. Sexvibrators has a wide selection of vibrators that can be used for all these reasons, allowing you to have the best experience possible.

Definition of a Vibrator

A vibrator is a motorized accessory for erotic or sexual games, in couple or solo. Its objective is to stimulate the male or female erogenous zones by more or less accentuated vibrations. Some dictionary definitions simply define vibrator as a vibration massage device. A very sensual massage in this case! Because the vibrator remains a sensual accessory. The vibrations are produced by a motor whose energy is supplied either by batteries or by a connection to the mains.

Different Shapes of Vibrators

The vibrator can be of different shapes, different lengths and different colors. The vibration of vibrators offering other sensations inaccessible to purely human action, let's see the different types of existing vibrators available... The vibrator can be of several forms as previously mentioned. The area to be stimulated will condition the shape of the vibrator, knowing that the latter, unlike the dildo, is not necessarily dedicated to penetration. This is what allows it, because of a rather diversified action, to present itself in different forms. The vibrator in its traditional form is phallic in shape. It can also have more playful forms and come in the form of a finger vibratorrabbit vibrator. The vibrator does not always resemble a male sex.

Vibrators: Other Details

Apart from the various shapes, the vibrator is also available in different textures and colors. For example, phallic vibrators are made with different textures to provide specific sensations depending on the touch... Some vibrators are also equipped with a speed vibrator to be able to adapt the vibrations, which makes it possible to provide maximum pleasure, depending on the texture. Indeed, some textures stimulate more at high speed, and vice versa. There are also waterproof vibrators allowing you to use them in an aquatic environment such as the shower, the bath thanks to a greater intensity of vibrations to be perceptible under water. The choice of vibrator is essential because the seal must be perfect for feeding. Similarly, some vibrators are equipped with accessories, such as the vibrating duck for example with a feather scarf, and care must be taken that the accessories also withstand water...

The Vibrator: Shared or Solitary Pleasure?

The use of a vibrator can be a source of solitary or shared pleasure. It allows you to discover new sensations whether as a couple or alone, or even between friends. It can be used for clitoral, vaginal or phallic stimulation, or even for stimulation of an area of the perineum, or even the anus. All the erogenous zones of the body can be stimulated by the vibrations of this accessory. Is that why mail order catalogs show a woman stroking her cheek with a vibrator...?
Traditional dildo vibrators are used to stimulate an area of your choice, but also for penetration. In a solitary use, it allows to increase the excitation whether it is by stimulating the clitoris, the lips, the anus or the vagina for the lady or by stimulating the anal zone or the G-spot at the level of the prostate for the gentleman. The use of these vibrators makes it possible to quickly obtain intense sensations up to orgasm. When used as a couple, the pleasure provided by the vibrating accessory is shared. It can also allow a more intense orgasm to one or the other of the partners, the first being able to use it on the second. Although there are male vibrators surrounding the penis to stimulate erection and pleasure during penetration, while special vibrations also caress the woman's clitoris.

Your First Vibrator

The first use of a vibrator is not necessarily a success. You have to become familiar with it, find the right vibration for the right area, the right texture, the right length, even the right color. The more you use your sex toy the more you will be able to appreciate its stimulating use. If your partner uses a vibrator solo and you want to use it in your erotic games as a couple, you must take the time to observe it during solo use to fully understand the stimulation your partner is looking for.

The Most Common Vibrators

In the most common forms of vibrating accessories, the Bullet Vibrator stands out. The latter is particularly used in external clitoral stimulation. By its ideal shape, the vibrating egg lends itself to caresses without penetration and rubbing to reach orgasm.
This mini-vibro is often equipped with a dimmer allowing vibration programs. Small in size, this mini-vibrator can accompany you wherever you go. The vibrating egg is the most popular sex toy among women.

Bullet Vibrator Nipple Clitoris Stimulator USB Rechargeable Mini Orgasm Female Sex Toy India

Also in the most common vibrating accessories, the vibrating duck is famous. Even if its appearance identifies it with the bathing game of your young children, the vibrating duck is a sex toy that gives you quite pleasant sensations, unless you are a fan of penetration. The use of this vibrator can go from the neck to the clitoris, even to the testicles. It can of course be used on all erogenous zones of the body, whether you are a man or a woman. By bringing it closer to the most sensitive areas, these vibrations guide you on the orgasmic path, hence knowing how to dose the power of vibration, neither too strong nor too little.
To continue with the range of the mini vibrator which, due to its size, can accompany you everywhere (it can be in your purse between your wallet and your mobile phone), let us mention the vibrator in the shape of a lipstick tube. For intimate lips no doubt…
In larger vibrators, the rabbit comes out on top. This vibrator seems to satisfy women whether they are vaginal or clitoral. This vibrating accessory is presented in the form of a phallic cylinder with a glans shaped at its end which oscillates. The cylinder has a relief allowing vaginal stimulation during use. In addition, it has a vibrating appendage at its base to stimulate the clitoris. The different vibrating parts work separately. Go and understand why this vibrator is called rabbit
Rabbit Vibrator Thrusting 10 Modes Beaded G Spot Vibrator Clitoral Stimulator Sex Toys for Women India

Which Vibrator to Choose?

The question that arises when discovering the different models of vibrators is how to choose the one that suits me?

How to Choose Your Vibrator

Choosing your vibrator depends on the use of the latter. The choice will be different if you want vaginal, anal or clitoral stimulation. It is also necessary to choose a vibrator according to its size. You should choose a size that you will be comfortable with when using it. Then the choice depends on the type of energy. Do you want a battery-powered or mains-powered vibrator? Wired or wireless? For home or when traveling in the car, for example? The sex toy market also offers you vibrators with elaborate vibrations and movements. It's all about usage! And objective pleasure!

Hygiene and the Vibrator

The use of a vibrator requires certain rules of hygiene. A vibrating accessory must be cleaned before and after use. Cleaning with soap and water is sufficient. However, there are certain products to clean vibrators with anal or even vaginal penetrations more thoroughly.
If the vibrator is used by several people, it is necessary to cover it with a new condom for each partner. If you use your vibrator for anal penetration and then vaginal penetration, it is recommended to clean the vibrator between the two penetrations. But in the context of a couple's sexual relationship, does the man go to the bathroom between the 2 penetrations? AND if you buy a second vibrator…?!
If you want to use lubricants with your vibrator , you must make sure that it is compatible with the texture of your sex toy.