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It's a fun thing!

  • Review Add On: 18/09/2022
  • Rating:

This is a very high quality, system! The leather is strong but soft and the chains have the perfect length. I was worried that the thigh and ankle cuffs would be either be too big or small; however, they have 18 holes that you can adjust to just your size. So the ankle and thigh cuffs can fit very small to larger thighs/ankles.


Wonderful Restraint Set

  • Review Add On: 26/08/2022
  • Rating:

Cool piece of bondage. The cuffs are kinda difficult to use. It can be hard to get the straps set up right, but once everything is positioned correctly it's nice. Being restrained was more comfortable than expected. Definitely good for couples. I could struggle against the restraints and didn't feel worried about them breaking. Comes with a convenient bag for storage but I wish it was cloth instead of plastic.


Restraints and Satisfaction

  • Review Add On: 17/06/2022
  • Rating:

The metal parts (chains, buckles, etc) on this piece were super strong. I gave it all a good tug and nothing popped or broke. I highly suggest buying this to spice up sexy situations whether it be with partner(s) or just with yourself!

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Sexy Product

  • Review Add On: 01/05/2022
  • Rating:

The quality of the material/chains/clips were more than expected for the price. What I liked most is it offered more restraint options than other products. Once you figure out how you want to position her it is easy and then let the fun begin.

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