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  • Review Add On: 04/06/2022
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Super cute! It has different modes and a strong vibration. The great part is that you don't go through batteries just recharge using your phone charger. Awesome!

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  • Review Add On: 15/05/2022
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The charge lasts for a far longer time than anticipated! And since the heart remote is the only component that has to be charged, I do it in the vehicle when no one is looking, so that it is fully charged and ready to use when I arrive home!!


  • Review Add On: 16/04/2022
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When I tried out this toy for the first time, I was taken aback by how strong it is despite its very small size. There are really 20 various vibration modes, which is an additional perk that should be brought to your attention. Previously, there were just 8 different vibration patterns listed. Absolutely worth the money spent, and plenty of fun to put to good use!

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  • Review Add On: 10/03/2022
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This is easily one of the most powerful vibrating eggs I have ever owned. The rechargeable remote is also super convenient, simply plug it into any USB port and you are good to go in less than an hour!


  • Review Add On: 09/03/2022
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Given its size, the egg surprisingly packs a punch in terms of both vibration and the variety of settings it offers. The charger's stealthiness is one of my favorite features (just a heart plugged into a USB charger). The battery pack or remote control may be removed from the cable so that the egg or other item can be cleaned. However, the manual advises against getting the battery pack or remote control wet in any way. There is no information on waterproof ratings or charging amperage included in the instructions; yet, it seems to charge correctly using a USB charger that provides 2 amps. Overall, a nice small gizmo.


  • Review Add On: 18/02/2022
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In terms of its purpose, this has more or less the normal pleasant bullet feel. It is simple to operate, has a number of different vibration settings, is not too loud, and is quite small. The most notable distinction is that it has an innovative charging mechanism that is both covert and easy. I like that I don't have to worry about replacing the batteries, and the USB connection and port both appear to be sturdy, in contrast to the charging techniques used by other bullet vibrators. It works well and is quite handy overall.

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