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Great feel and great quality

  • Review Add On: 23/06/2022
  • Rating:

Super soft material and super quick shipping!Big news for lovers of butt stuff! This is the best plug I have ever used! Charged it for a couple hours out of the box, cleaned it (and myself) up, lubed up, then took it for its maiden voyage, and woo boy! And I recommend it for anyone who wants to spice up their daily life, with a partner or solo!


Fun! Recommend!

  • Review Add On: 29/05/2022
  • Rating:

Wowsers, this thing is packed with a powerful motor. I've never felt something so powerful in that size and battery operated. Size-wise the toy is fine - maybe not for a first-timer but anyone with experience will be fine. I'm not completely sold on the screw-style ridges below the bulb, I found them more discomforting than helpful. I'm also not sold on the charger port location, I feel like this could've been engineered to fit right at the very bottom end and not in the insert-able part. It's supposed to waterproof, but I don't feel it's a guarantee with the placement.


Better quality than expected

  • Review Add On: 24/04/2022
  • Rating:

This is a fantastic bargain for such a tiny thing. If you know how to use it correctly and apply the right amount of lube, then it's a dream. On the most powerful level, it is audible, but if you lower it down to around or below half, it becomes so muffled that the vast majority of people won't even notice it.


Heck yes!!!! Buy it buy it now!!!

  • Review Add On: 06/02/2022
  • Rating:

I'm really enjoying this so far! However, it's larger than I expected, and I'm to blame for not checking the measurements. It's great that it's remote control, and the numerous settings are great, too. In the same way that everything that vibrates makes noise, once it's inside of you, it's quite quiet.

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